Speaking with impact

To ‘take a stand’ and ‘speak up’ in front of an audience is not easy. Whether you give a presentation for your team or superior(s), a class for your students or a lecture during an important event, all eyes are resting upon you and you feel the mile-high expectations pressing on your shoulders.

In that moment, you want to appear balanced and confident. You want your audience to be all ears and your story to be clear and structured. Afterwards, you want to manage a question-round professionally in order to maximize your impact. That is possible.

We let you experience the joy of giving a presentation in an energized and authentic way. Specific and personal feedback renders deep insight in how you project yourself as a speaker and how you can truly touch people with your message. Concrete and directly applicable tools boost your self-confidence and support you to speak from the heart. Camera-recordings mirror your personal growth after every session (on request).

Practical: ‘Speaking with impact’ can be organized individually as well as in group (maximum of 7 participants)

Very useful training. A great way of challenging yourself on a professional and personal point of view. Learnings and tips that you will keep with you forever.

Elena Balestra
Community manager at the European Venture Philanthropy Association (Evpa)




The training ‘Speaking with impact’ was a highly relevant and useful experience to me. Gil teaches you to highlight your strengths and to turn around your shortcomings. I experienced a new dimension in communication as a result of which I now face the audience with more persuasion and great(er) confidence.

Saartje Boutsen
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