Respectful feedback

As an executive, teamcoach, (account) manager or social worker, you regularly have to bring negative feedback or ‘bad news’. These messages are emotional, for the other as well as yourself. Managing these emotions during the conversation, is a delicate matter. Often we wear ourselves out in excuses or we lose time with tiring discussions that lead to nowhere. In these moments, it is of vital importance to remain clear and consistent in what you say while communicating respectfully and constructively. In this way, you keep a healthy relationship, you keep your energy balanced and you avoid feelings of guilt.

We are happy to guide you into the art of respectful communication. You’ll learn to stay calm when the other reacts aggressively or emotionally, and you will discover how your responses directly influences the quality as well as the direction of the conversation.

Practical: ‘respectful feedback’ can be organized individually as well as in group or team. Size of the group and length of the training is tailored according to your (company’s) need.

I have seen Gil work with groups for several times. She stimulates and activates people to actually get up and move. She coaches participants in discovering their true power and possibilities, in a direction that is achievable for them

Beli De Meyer
Independent Senior Consultant and Trainer









Very useful training. A great way of challenging yourself on a professional and personal point of view. Learnings and tips that you will keep with you forever.

Elena Balestra
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