Training and process facilitation

Over the years I have followed various trainings and workshops on communication, creativity, personal development and authentic leadership. I have worked as a coach, consultant, trainer and teacher in profit as well as non-profit organizations and companies. I have built up experience with diverse groups, among them HR managers, supervisors, health care providers, civil servants and students.

More and more I started to develop my own training trajectories. What they all have in common though, is that they bring people closer to their own power and potential.

In working with groups I always find it fascinating to witness what happens when the true potential of an individual is brought into contact with that of another. At that moment something entirely new emerges. You experience how your own, unique possibilities contribute to a larger whole. In connection with yourself and with others a new kind of power comes into being: the possibility to transcend yourself.

Time and again it is a powerful experience to witness how participants who feel safe and supported in a group discover unsuspected qualities in themselves, so that confidence grows. It is this experience of connection which leads to true authentic power and integrity. In yourself and in your organization.

The trajectories I offer combine extensive knowledge with personal passion. Content and duration can be adapted to your requirements. Feel free to contact us for detailed information.




Very useful training. A great way of challenging yourself on a professional and personal point of view. Learnings and tips that you will keep with you forever.

Elena Balestra
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