Coaching renders you insight into your possibilities and pitfalls. It makes you aware of patterns that subconsciously determine your behavior and teaches you how to make new choices – choices rooted in personal power instead of dependence or fear.

Coaching supports you in developing a clear view on goals and priorities, and the trust to live according to your values and vision. It teaches to communicate your needs respectfully and to give shape to your dreams and aspirations. The result is a feeling of autonomy and independency: you actively give direction to your life and work.

Themes or issues out of which a coaching path can be built up, are:

  • Authentic leadership

  • Respectful communication and constructive feedback to team and partners

  • Setting boundaries

  • Making contact with your original passion

  • Building self-esteem

  • Making (nurturing!) choices

  • Struggling with burn-out

Team coaching: A coaching path can also be designed for a group or team. The location can be yours or can be organized by us. At your request we tailor a program specifically for your people and your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities.



The training ‘Speaking with impact’ was a highly relevant and useful experience to me. Gil teaches you to highlight your strengths and to turn around your shortcomings. I experienced a new dimension in communication as a result of which I now face the audience with more persuasion and great(er) confidence.

Saartje Boutsen
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