Welcome to the website of Gil Renders. If you are looking for dynamic, creative coaching or experiential trainings upon themes like inspiring leadership, empathic communication and speaking with impact, then this is the place.

With ‘Echte Leiders Dansen’ (‘True Leaders Dance’) I focus on companies and organisations that want to bring their people into contact with their highest potential. Integrity and authenticity are key-values in my way of working. From personal experience I learned about the power of honestly questioning yourself. And how an open, vulnerable state of mind inspires others to look into themselves too.

‘Dancing’ in the broad sense is a leading theme. To me, dancing with circumstances means to move flexibly through every situation and to keep breathing in every moment, and to look curiously and attentively at whatever shows up. It also means welcoming resistance and embracing change. Adopting this dancing attitude when facing a difficult situation renders so much more than going into aggression or defensiveness.



I have seen Gil work with groups for several times. She stimulates and activates people to actually get up and move. She coaches participants in discovering their true power and possibilities, in a direction that is achievable for them

Beli De Meyer
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